About Us


Hospital Health Care Activities (HHCA) is aware that hospitals and medical facilities have various fund raising activities which are intricate in providing better and state of the art facilities for the benefit of patient's well being and in most cases life saving apparatus and better amenities. Each year through the help of the public and businesses these fund raising efforts are overwhelming.

We (HHCA) are also aware that through the help of various organisations, provision of televisions, playstations and the like, are provided into certain areas of hospitals and medical facilities. We just wanted to provide an additonal aspect in looking after our children/adults.

If we can put one smile on a patient's face by forgetting about the experience of being in a strange place, we feel, with the help from our sponsor adverts, we are achieving something that is worthwhile.

Our aim is to provide computers and activities to hospitals and medical facilities throughout Australia for children & adults.

What We Do

Hospital Health Care Activities (HHCA), our aim is to provide hospitals and medical centres and medical facilities around Australia free of charge, Computer, USB/CD games and activities/website links for Children's/Adult's Wards.

We approach businesses in the local community where the hospitals and medical centres are situated to become sponsor advertisers who will assist us in providing this free service. This helps us involve the widespread community.

Without the wonderful efforts of our sponsor advertisements this program would not be possible.